A family moved out of their apartment 10 years ago and left their sweet pooch named Bokshil behind for unknown reasons. But they have no idea that the loyal and devoted Bokshil has been lurking around the apartment all these years, waiting for them to come back for her.


Source: SBS TV Animal Farm x Animal Look/YouTube


Many kind neighbors have been looking after Bokshil for the past 10 years. They give her timely meals and have even built a makeshift shelter for her. But the poor Bokshil is still in denial about her abandonment, as she spends all day chasing strangers on busy streets, hoping they’re her family.

The neighbors explain how Bokshil’s health has slowly been failing her now. She has been losing her eyesight to senile cataract. A kind lady grinds Bokshil’s food every day before feeding her as all of her teeth have fallen out too.


Source: SBS TV Animal Farm x Animal Look/YouTube


The vet who tends to Bokshil feels that it would be detrimental to pull Bokshil out of her waiting spot due to her old age and fragile mental state. Waiting for her family gives her a purpose to live on, so the vet recommends letting her do what she loves.


Source: SBS TV Animal Farm x Animal Look/YouTube


Now that her vision is failing her, Bokshil is getting even more desperate to find her family and be with them in her twilight years. It’s heartbreaking to see her tired eyes still filled with so much optimism. Let’s get the word out and help Bokshil find the way back to her owners, even if just for a few days.

Click the video below to watch the loyal Bokshil’s story as she gave away her life waiting for her family.


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